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Multiple entry steps:

  1. Download our Multi-Entry Excel Sheet here
  2. Complete all the necessary sections in blue
  3. Email us the completed spreadsheet to engrave@engravingsystems.co.nz and any additional artwork and files however anything sent to us will need to comply with the requirements listed at the bottom of this page
  4. If you have any questions or require any assistance please reach out to us using the above email and we will be happy to assist you.
Single entry form

How to submit files

  1. If you are submitting multiple pieces please provide our excel sheet to streamline the process for the multiple inscriptions. You can also provide -Photos -JPG of sketches to illustrate what you would like done. If you are requiring custom work we accept the following formats - PDF - TIFF - JPEG - PNG - GIF - AI (CS5) - EPS - CDR
  2. The minimum quality of image (in it’s original digital file form) is 300dpi. Most images used on the internet (e.g. websites etc) are typically between 72 to 96dpi. Any graphic or image provided that is below 300dpi is not adequate for engraving purposes. Many of our customers provide graphics or artwork and sometimes the quality isn’t high enough for satisfactory use when engraving. When this happens we will let the customer know and offer our best advice on how to rectify the matter as well as an estimate of what the price will be to follow that advice (which is almost always going to be a re-draw by our graphic service people).
  3. Trademark or Copyrighted material (such as that used as a logo, a symbol, and many published items) requires proof of use permission which must be obtained and provided to the business by the customer before we can go ahead with engraving.  
  4. When the customer wants to create something to be engraved and cannot provide a digital file we will do our very best to assist. There will be a charge for graphic design if the business believes that the work involved warrants it. We will advise the customer when this is necessary and provide a cost estimate for the customer to consider before we proceed with any graphic design work. Where we are not sure our assistance has fully captured the customer’s intent we will provide a proof of the graphics or artwork. Sometimes during the process of proof creation certain detail or instructions may have evolved somewhere between taking down the customer’s intent and proof creation. The proof will be shown to the customer and if the customer approves it then the engraving will be done exactly as per the proof. It is important when the customer approves the proof that they be 100% sure everything they intend to be engraved is in the proof before they approve it’s use. Also some software platforms can change the appearance of files transmitted digitally. Whilst we can (and regularly do) send proof files digitally for approval the best course of action is always a physical/in-person/face-to-face proof approval. Where a physical proof approval has not taken place the business cannot be held responsible if the full intent of the customer has not been captured in the image design process. All rights to any images created by Engraving Systems 2020 Limited remain the property of Engraving Systems 2020 Limited.
  5. Sometimes an engraving process will have limitations that could or will affect the appearance of the graphic or image once it has been engraved on an item. We will do our best to advise in such instances. Sometimes (with some items due to the size(s), shape(s), or material(s) involved) the best and only available advice we can give the customer is that we can try but are unable to guarantee the result. If the customer chooses to go ahead with the work when we have given advice that it may not work the business cannot be held responsible for the result.
  6. Often the customer prefers to leave many choices (such as font choice, font size, wording or image placement upon an item) to the engraver and the engraver’s experience of what might look the best on an item. When this happens we will do our best to get as much information about the customer’s intent as we can before executing the engraving as best we can in line with the instruction given.


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